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 The Conch Fritter, a Bahamian delicacy, find out how you can make your own when your not lucky enough to be visiting the Bahamas

Although there is more foliage the top of Christ Church Cathedral can be seen as well as the harbour in the distance.

Located on Parliament Square. 

This fun and interactive chocolate factory will be located on the grounds of Graycliff Cigar Company. Here you will be able to come in, learn about chocolate and make your own.Each tour takes about 45 minutes and cost between $50 & $60.

Coconut water happens to be one of the purest liquid known to man and the health benefits are numerous.

The flip flop is the perfect island ‘shoe’ for exploring the quaint streets and beaches of Nassau.  But who invented this ultra casual yet efficiently convenient form of footwear?  While many experts say they go back to ancient times, there is debate over who actually invented the modern day Flip Flop.

Every year thousands of visitors pay to experience “swim with the Dolphin” attractions on Nassau’s neighbouring islands.  Even more exciting for many however is the opportunity to see wild dolphins on the voyage to and from Nassau.  Wild dolphins are known for their extreme playfulness and human-like social behavior.  One of their favorite ways to express this is swimming in the wakes of ships as they travel through Bahamian waters. 

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